You’ve found yourself at this hidden page because you are clearly a big supporter of MTH Pizza.

You have demonstrated a level of loyalty and care for our business that gained the attention of me or one of our managers, and that absolutely means the world to us. The best way I describe it to outsiders is if MTH was a college football team, you might be willing to drive around town with a flag in your vehicle window. It’s not always about the most visits or most money spent, it is more to do with basic human connection. We sense your intent is pure and that you care about our business, but more importantly about our people (my family). We want our interaction with you to extend beyond the walls of MTH Pizza or just earning loyalty points.

So, we like you. What does it really mean?

You can expect to receive some real time communication (bcc) – in my own words – with no PR firm’s filter.  So, of course, they’re often riddled with grammar and spelling errors. Recognizing your loyalty and staying in touch gives me a chance to foster the wonderful relationships that have been created since we opened. The number of folks who began as Ambassadors and have become my dear friends is beyond measure. I hope this invitation is a start in that direction with you. If we have not yet in fact met in person, please ask for me or shoot me a note in advance if you are coming in, so I can do my best to connect and put a face with the name.Thank you so much for your patronage and support. Our business is truly nothing without you.

Perks & Privileges

Beyond updates, alerts and marketing propaganda, there are benefits below you can take advantage of.

Periodically I will be writing to offer ‘something’ that will be available to you and not to the general public. This could be a rare dish or ingredient in limited supply, an intimate winemaker dinner, or master distiller event. Who knows what we’ll come up with, but you can bank on us trying to find ways to leverage our relationships with our supply chain friends to curate unique experiences for you.

When we have an exciting event coming up, I will typically e-mail our Ambassadors first to make sure you all know before the general public. At times we will offer you financial benefits not available to our general guests.

Could be a new Atlanta restaurant on my radar or a new dish I am geeked out about.  I may want to give you a heads up on a great dining experience I just had or a new gem.  If you are going to Charleston, NYC, San Francisco, Oregon, California Wine Country, Italy, or anywhere else, let me know and I’ll do my best to give you or lead you to some great recommendations. If we have strong relationships wherever you are going, we’ll do our best to leverage them in a way to make your experience unique and special.

Trust is everything in a fostering a genuine, long-lasting relationship. The primary ingredient to trust is transparency. There may be times we share with you what is going on behind the curtain to either inform you or get your feedback. We may also survey you on topics we are sensing to be very relevant to our business and ask for your help in assessing the value they bring to our guests and the community at large.

Direct Feedback
If there is anything we can improve on or learn from your past or future experiences, please let us know. If you see or experience something that doesn’t meet expectations, please let me know. I/we care deeply and want to emphasize that we take it to heart and that is such a valuable resource for us to improve and grow. You are a line of defense for us. The silent killer of any restaurant is when a guest says nothing because they don’t want to tip the apple cart. We tell new staff that we don’t hire mystery shopper services because of the amount of people we call friends who dine with us and will let us know when we fall short. It is priceless.

I may be inclined to share something directly or indirectly relevant to what we do with some of my thoughts attached. The intent would be to provide you something to consider that may or may not have a positive effect on your worldview, but will hopefully give you more insights to what makes me or us tick.

You can be sure I’ll stay away from politics, religion and sports. We enjoy serving everyone!

This may not exactly be a “perk,” but there also may be times we ask for your help.  This might take the form of asking for your help raising money for a cause very dear to our hearts, the 501c3 we founded back in 2013 called The Giving Kitchen,

If you are interested in learning more or staying in the loop with TGK please visit

I know many of you are also very involved with community causes and we so respect and appreciate your own service to the world. Due to the nature of our business, we are approached nearly daily with requests to give back. We had to create a process to help manage these requests in an effective way, but also weight them against the critical factors we focus on as an organization. Most of our efforts, time, and resources go to The Giving Kitchen, but we still budget a lot to continue to support the many great causes that are part of the essential fabric of our community. Feel free to ask us for help at any time. We will always try our best to contribute.

Donation Request Form

For those of you embracing the only way soon you’ll be able to communicate with a millennial, you can stay in touch on instagram and twitter with the handle @rturnerwrites. You follow me, I follow you?

If you are a millennial or newer to the planet, you know the drill..

We also have the MTH Facebook Page which is stays active with things of interest or humor.

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