oven updates!


The Oven is IN
At the end of last week we finally got her inside of the building and turned on. Right now we have the oven set up in a temporary location until construction concludes. In a few weeks she’ll be set up in the same general area the old oven once lived (R.I.P.🙏)

We’ve been testing pies left and right and yesterday afternoon we nailed the perfect temperature and timing. As soon as we cut into the perfect pie, multiple people said, “That’s it. You can hear it!” Many high fives took place. Someone may have shed a tear. It was an emotional moment. Anyway! Now that we’re dialed in, locked and loaded, we’re ready for you all to start placing orders again.

Carryout + Delivery Only – Until Further Notice
The reason we’re carryout only right now is because, even though the new oven is here and cranking out pies, we’re still very much under construction. We had to knock out a few walls to get the old oven out of here. We’re also adding an additional fryer (yay wings!) and making a few other modifications to the kitchen space. Once we get everything back in place and the new oven moved into its forever home, we’ll open back up for dine-in.

Limited Menu! (This is important…)
During this time we’re serving a very limited menu. Not for long, just while we’re wrapping up construction and getting acclimated with our new setup. Our current menu includes all of our House + Adventure Pies, our Giorgio salad and our Caesar salad. No wings, no Detroits, no gluten free, etc.

Entering the Restaurant
YOU CAN’T COME IN THE FRONT DOOR. We repeat: You can’t come in the font door. You’ll have to enter through the double doors over by First Watch. (If you rode out the pandemic with us, you’ll use that entrance…) Guests will not be able to walk through the restaurant at this time. If you do feel inclined to eat with us, you more than welcome take your carryout outside and post up at one of the patio tables. (Weather permitting…) We don’t have servers right now, but we’re happy to crack a beer for you to enjoy with your takeout.

Current Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday, 5PM-9PM