detroit pies

At long last, the Motor City Goodness is HERE! Muss has been in his lab again playing doughboy, and he’s ready to whip out his Detroit card!⁣

What the hell is a Detroit-Style Pizza you might ask? It’s a thick, fluffy focaccia like crust topped with a pile of cheeses. It’s baked to perfection in a special pan that helps the cheese and dough fuse to the pan creating a crunchy, cheesy crust that will blow your face off! Another fun fact about the Detroit-Style: The sauce goes on top. Oh man, the sauce!⁣

These pizzas have been in the works since day one of MTH. We’re super excited for you all to get in on this action. We’re making 15 of these a day. They’re first come, first served. You can place your order online now. The online portal will open at midnight for the following day. ⁣

Here are Your Options

“Gordo’s Motor City” ⁣
8”x10” pizza cut into 4 corner slices loaded with cheese, topped with our Detroit style pizza sauce and pecorino⁣
– $21.93 -⁣

If you’re feeling frisky you can make your Motor City a “Big Sexy” and get it loaded with pepperoni⁣
– $24.93 -⁣

These baby’s are so thick they won’t even fit in a regular pizza box!⁣