our space

MTH’s space is known for stimulating all the senses. From the aromas in the kitchen to the sights and sounds around the dining room, MTH is full of art and music that represents our lifestyle interests and pop culture favorites. 

Upon entering the restaurant, you’re welcomed face-to-face with our culinary team with a peek (and smell) into what’s cooking in our open kitchen centered around a Renato brick oven. Find a seat on our strung-lit patio or inside the dining room offering a mix of community tables, bistro tables and marble-top booths. 

With three Smyrna locals at the helm, MTH Pizza has an undeniable focus on community. 

Local artist Matt Fields, who goes by the street name LETRS, designed a handful of graffiti murals sprawling our walls.

Inspired by the Atlanta-filmed movie Baby Driver, our entryway art features a view of Smyrna’s Atlanta Road as seen heading into downtown Atlanta. Next to that, is a nod to Team Hidi — our good friend and late Unsukay chef Ryan Hidinger — and Giving Kitchen, a local nonprofit organization founded by our partners.

 The mural above our booths is an ode to Mussman’s “doughboy” nickname as highlighted by Ice Cube’s Check Yo Self lyrics: “I make dough, but don’t call me doughboy”. And of course, you can’t miss the “just say no to pineapple” art above the kitchen. Because we are proud pineapple-does-not-belong-on-pizza believers. 

Music is also an integral part of the ambiance here, so whether you’re enjoying a meal al fresco on the patio or chowing down in the dining room, you can’t miss the jams from our hand-picked playlists packed with staff favorites. We threw in a disco ball too…because why not?

At the end of the day, we simply wanted to create a pizza joint that we’d want to frequent ourselves: a family-friendly spot with high-end pizza in a casual, comfortable and welcoming space. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Showcasing the Old School Letter Board Menu at MTH Pizza
The Font Door of MTH Pizza at Ivy Walk in Smyrna