rewards program

We appreciate your business more than we can possibly express. A “thank you” is nice, a free pizza is thoughtful, but we’d rather show you the money. We hope you’ll keep coming back and spreading the good word for us.

In case you may have missed it, early last year Unsukay transitioned to a new loyalty platform.


Not much has changed except you can toss those old loyalty cards from your wallet. Our new platform COMO, allows you to track rewards easily by your phone number.


It’s all here! We integrated your profiles from our old program into our new system and all of your rewards points and balances have been transferred with your account. You can check them out on our new web portal or ask any of our team members to assist you next time you visit our restaurants.


Each dollar spent earns 1 point. For every 500 points accumulated, you earn reward dollars!

The more you spend, the more you earn:

  • 500 – Donna Summer “She Works Hard For The Money” – $25
  • 1000 – Pink Floyd “Money it’s a gas” – $25
  • 1500 – The Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love” – $30
  • 2000 – Pet Shop Boys “Opportunities (Let’s Make lots of Money) – $30
  • 2500 – Cyndi Lauper “Money Changes Everything” – $35
  • 3000 – Billy Joel “A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of White” – $35
  • 3500 – Notorious B.I.G. “Mo Money Mo Problems Free Stuff” – $40
  • 4000 – Steve Miller “Take The Money And Run” – $40
  • 4500 – Sade “Smooth Operator” – $45
  • 5000 – (Not so) Dire Straits “Money for Nothing (and your dinner for free)” – $45

*Total possible rewards earned: $350
*Once you redeem $350 reward dollars, you can start all over again!

Email layla@unsukay.com and attach your scanned receipt. We will gladly add your points.

At this time, our online ordering platform does not automatically add your loyalty points. Please leave a note on the order letting us know that you’re a loyalty member or email layla@unsukay.com and attach your scanned receipt. We will gladly add your points.

Points are earned only on the portion of the bill paid for by a registered member. One loyalty member per check earns points.

Yes, but only one person’s phone number and birthday may be assigned to account.

Money spent on catering is not eligible for points..

No, Georgia law does not allow us to sell any alcohol at a discounted rate or given away in a rebate program.

Yes. You can change your username/password and you can can update other profile information, such as email address HERE.

No, points are not rewarded on tax and gratuity.


  • Rewards can be earned and redeemed at any Unsukay restaurant.
  • Rewards can be earned and redeemed on regular menus only.
  • Rewards cannot be earned on catering, private event, or buyout purchases.
  • Rewards can not be earned on any purchases that have a discount, concession or any other reduction of cost.
  • Reward dollars cannot be redeemed on alcohol purchases.
  • Rewards based on dollars spent at our restaurants from date of application.